Types Of Medical Transportation

You never know when you will be involved in a serious accident that requires transportation. We’re talking about medical transport here, folks. You may not be aware so here are several medical services offered to the public. Medical transportation is usually ambulance or fire rescue. It could also be medical helicopters or other vehicles that transports emergency medical personnel.

Medical Transportation Service

In an emergency most associate medical transports with a siren day or night. However, the fact is that Medical transportation is most always ambulance or fire rescue; it could also be medical helicopters or other vehicles that transports emergency medical personnel to assist those who require medical attention on the spot, or transported to another city, state, or even country.

Having specific medical needs or a disability does not mean you need to be limited in your ability to get the medical help you need when you need it or a safe way to get from one place to the other with medical personnel by your side. This is all made possible by the different medical transportation modes that are available to us.

There is non-emergency medical transportation available, ambulance services available when needed and long-distance patient transportation that meets and exceeds all of your needs from start to finish. Below is each service in detail. This is the best way to determine which service is best for you when you need it.

Non emergency Medical Transportation

Non emergency medical transportation can travel anywhere from 300 miles to 3000 miles. This type of transportation can be done in a cruiser type vehicle, which will provide you with a smooth, comfortable ride. Each cruiser is equipped with a hospital bed, private bathroom and numerous amenities. It can also be equipped with medical equipment such as oxygen and suction, nebulizers, cardiac and oxygen monitors, just to name a few. It will also include your personal transport nurse and two drivers. Having two drivers assures that you will have a nonstop trip to your destination.

While you are being driven to your destination you can enjoy the comfort of television or DVD movies as well as food that is available to you from your private refrigerator. With all of these services and added amenities you are sure to reach your destination in comfort, but most importantly with peace of mind.

Travel Nurse

Travel Nurses

Travel nurses are available for people with non emergency medical issues who would prefer to take their own car, cruise and have a companion or travel on a plane with a companion. Providing this transport service assures that you will not miss out on living life to the fullest or missing any special occasions. Your personal travel nurse can assist you with all of your daily living needs and are highly trained if an emergency should arise.

A travel nurse provides you with professional care and medical assistance from the beginning of your trip until you return home safely. They represent your best interests in all situations.

Long Distance Medical Transportation

Long-distance medical transportation is available for the elderly, the disabled and patients who are in need of medically supervised relocation. ACC Medlink is the leader in long distance medical transportation. This transportation can assist you in relocating to your new home, hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation facility. This transportation is not an ambulance, but a luxurious way to get you to your destination.

Long distance medical transportation

This guarantees that you will have a smooth, comfortable ride. On a Couch bus you will be accompanied by a transport nurse and the bus will be equipped with a private bathroom and hospital bed. There is also medical equipment available which includes oxygen and suction, nebulizers, cardiac and oxygen monitors, and so much more.

The bus also includes an additional bed for a travel companion and a kitchen that will meet all of your needs. There are also two drivers to make sure that you get to your destination nonstop. There is no reason why you cannot arrive at this new chapter in your life with style, comfort and peace of mind. The transport nurse on board can take care of any need you may have.