NEMT vs Emergency Transportation

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation versus Emergency Transportation!

Medical transportation can wear two hats. In cases of non-emergency conditions it can involve assistance to the elderly and disabled as well as those requiring transportation to the following:

  • Doctor appointments
  • Hospital visits that are not life threatening
  • Hospital discharge
  • Radiation and Dialysis treatment
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Wheelchair transportation when required

Non-emergency transportation is targeted as a form of medical transportation provided in situations for people who require special medical attention. Access to ambulances and helicopters as well as other emergency ground transport services may be used as non-emergency transportation but no matter what the choice, the goal of the transport is to get the patient from one location to another while, at the same time, providing medical support and care. Some hospitals and other health-care facilities may offer this type of non-emergency medical transportation as part of their usual services, but keep in mind that many do not.