Who Is A Candidate For Non-Emergency?

Who Is A Candidate For Non-Emergency? What About An Air Ambulance?

Well, it can be a man, woman or child who may be medically stable, yet still in need of medical support. It can also be a chronically ill patient who needs medical support to get to the hospital or doctor appointment. If your medical transport involves an air ambulance to another state or country, you need to be careful in choosing the provider.

For patients that are in a stable condition, and able to be seated in a commercial or private aircraft with a medical escort, it can be more cost-effective that you think. Plus, it’s a whole lot safer than the alternatives of driving on busy streets and freeways. If you opt to utilize and can afford a private air ambulance, during the flight the patient will be accompanied by an RN nurse or flight paramedic, who will be available to supply all the necessary medical care and medications that may be required, as well as any other patient needs. The medical assistant will also participate in assisting with the boarding of the aircraft and de-planing once the aircraft reaches its destination.

Note: Doctor’s and family members should be cognizant that the medical transport company must be certified by the federal motor carrier safety administration and be in compliance of rules of interstate passenger transportation.